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Learn UX/UI Design

We’re bringing a special opportunity to our Brooklyn campus with a special UX/UI Design course.

In our continuous effort to make education accessible, we are offering a limited time only UX/UI Design program at our Brooklyn campus. Like our Software Engineering program, if you are making less than $35,000 annually, you pay zero tuition upfront. After you’ve graduated and earned a new job, we work with you on a tuition payment plan that makes sense for you, based on your new salary.

The first course will run from August 19 – February 21, 2020. A second will run from September 30 – March 27, 2020.

Schedule a chat with our Admissions team to learn how you can join the program


Work With Real Clients

Work on real client projects, and graduate with a portfolio full of tangible work experience.


900+ Hours of Training

At 24 weeks, our UX/UI course is the most immersive, because we know becoming a successful designer takes dedicated practice and has no shortcuts.


No Upfront Tuition

Open only to students earning less than $35,000 annually, Access Labs Initiative is a deferred tuition coding bootcamp that requires no upfront deposit or tuition payment. (See tuition details).